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Patients from abroad

This page should help you find all the information you may need in order to consult our specialized physicians and become one of our privileged patients from abroad.

At any time, please feel free to fill out and send us the appointment form with your email and telephone information and preferred language. You will be contacted as soon as possible by one of our English, Arabic or Spanish speaking physicians in order to guide you through formalities for consulting.

Benefit from the expertise of

French Plastic Surgeons

Doctor Elias T. SAWAYA and Doctor Benjamin SOMMIER are both graduates from the Bordeaux School of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

As early as their residency training years they teamed up for surgery as well as scientific work and publications. So it seemed quite natural, once confirmed as fully qualified plastic surgeons, that they pursue their collaboration by founding the Institut Aquitain de Chirurgie Esthétique in the historical centre of Bordeaux.

As well as having received a state of the art training in Cosemetic Surgery, both Doctors pursue their Reconstructive Surgery work in the:

Prior to any surgical procedure, it is essential to undergo a


Before planning any cosmetic procedure (be it simply Botox injections) common sense as well as French law require that a consultation with a qualified physician be held, in order to rule out any contra-indications, and above all to expose and discuss the balance between the benefits and the risks of the procedure.

We ask that all our patients take time to reflect upon the different complications that may occur during and following a given procedure, and that the expected benefits are worth the risk, as small as it may seem.

During the pre-surgical consultation, your physician will also address the financial aspects of your chosen procedure and will provide you with a precise estimate.

Once you have undergone your consultation as well as taken the necessary time to reflect upon its different aspects, then the procedure as such can be organised.

Different locations for


Light procedures such as Botox or filler injections, PRP injections (« vampire lift ») can take place in our office setting at the Institut Aquitain de Chirurgie Esthétique

Other procedures such as fat injection, breast implants, breast reduction and lifting, face lifting, abdominal wall surgery (« tummy tuck »), arm and thigh lifting… require a surgical ward setting. Our physicians, Dr SOMMIER and Dr SAWAYA have admission rights and operate at the Nouvelle Clinique Bel Air, a reliable and renown private hospital in Bordeaux.

Obviously, prior to any surgical procedure requiring general or partial anaesthesia, you would also have to meet the team of anaesthesiologists also practising at the Nouvelle Clinique Bel Air.

Last but not least


Once you have undergone your surgery, it is essential you be available for follow-up by our physicians.

Depending on the type of procedure, the period of specialized follow-up would vary from a few days to a couple of weeks, after which the relay may be taken by you family doctor once you get back home.

Doctor SAWAYA and Doctor SOMMIER will provide you with the necessary information in order to plan the length of your post-operative stay, and will be available during all that time to check on the wound dressing, your healing process and mange any complication that may occur, however small the risk.


Practical aspects

Of all times a highly visited city with regards to its history and wine producing countryside, the city of Bordeaux is enjoying a recent boom in tourism.

Most of its XVIIIth century architecture has been recently refurbished, an elegant and efficient tram sent in motion, the Garonne river bank promenade made accessible, and many avant garde culinary establishments newly opened besides the traditional French cuisine tenors… not to mention the Wine « Chateau’s » and lush vineyards barely a few miles from the city centre.

Accessible by plane, train, boat or car, the city of Bordeaux has become one of the top European destination of the last decade.

In Bordeaux, you can benefit from state of the art Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and comfortably spend your recovery time in an elegant and « human » sized city, were your travel companions and family can also enjoy all that the region has to offer.

Our team will gladly help you plan your trip to Bordeaux as well as provide you with information on accommodation and activities for all budgets.

The personnel at the Institut Aquitain de Chirurgie Esthétique is looking forward to receiving you in Bordeaux!